Obedience Courses

Introductory and Intermediate Obedience Courses for all Dogs

Polite Puppy Level 1

The first few months with a new puppy are crucial in terms of socialisation and getting them out to see the real world as much as possible. Not only do you need to make sure that you have a good rapport with your puppy but it is so important to head off any potential behaviour problems now to ensure you have the best life possible togther.

Our Polite Puppy Course is a 6 week course that builds a solid foundation covering communication, behaviour and core training skills. In addition, since it is a group class, we work on socialisation, handling and recall with all the distractions of a real-world situation.

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Basic Manners Classes

Our Basic Manners classes are for dogs of all ages from 7 months of age. We cover the following topics: recall; leash manners; focus and attention; calm down; and polite greetings. This course is run over the course of one month with three one hour long classes, weekly check ins and updated homework in between sessions.

These sessions are run on a one-to-one basis rather than a group at the moment.

Leash Manners

Walking politely on leash is one of the main goals for most dog owners. At times, especially with a big strong dog it can seem like a very far off dream at times.

Leash walking is not difficult to teach but it does require patience and consistency. This group class is set up to work on the fundamentals of polite leash walking and dispel some of the myths around the short-cuts and tips & tricks of getting a reliable walk on leash.
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