Obedience Courses

Introductory and Intermediate Obedience Courses for all Dogs

Polite Puppy Level 1

The first few months with a new puppy are crucial in terms of socialisation and getting them out to see the real world as much as possible. Not only do you need to make sure that you have a good rapport with your puppy but it is so important to head off any potential behaviour problems now to ensure you have the best life possible togther.

Our Polite Puppy Course is a 6 week course that builds a solid foundation covering communication, behaviour and core training skills. In addition, since it is a group class, we work on socialisation, handling and recall with all the distractions of a real-world situation.

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Polite Puppy Level 2

Polite Puppy Level 2 follows on from our Level 1 course to slow things down and refine the behaviours from Level 1. We work heavily with distractions and distracting environments with the core obedience behaviours and build reliability throughout.

At this stage some puppies will be already starting their teens and in other cases we will be preparing for these changes in behaviour. In this way the course is quite flexible to deal with new issues your puppy is having or things they are finding difficult.

We introduce new training techniques along with new doggy hobbies to help build movitation and focus in your dog. Throughout the key is communication between you.

Calm Canine Course

Whoever said that you can't teach an 'old' dog new tricks really didn't try very hard. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and most importantly ages can learn new things, be it tricks, training, a new skill or even just how to be more chilled.

This six week course focuses on everyday training, that is, training that makes sense in the real day-to-day world that we live in, rather than focusing on things like competition obedience or formal agility. We work on the basics to help build the communication between you and your dog, also deal with any bad habits that have built up over the years. We place a heavy focus on recall and attention that creates a solid foundation for all of the other behaviours.

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Loose Leash Walking Bootcamp

One of the biggest issues most people have with their dogs is poor leash walking. Most of the time this manifests as dogs pulling hard on leash, not listenting, and getting over excited when meeting other people or dogs. With small dogs this is frustrating at best, with larger dogs this can make walks next to impossible to the point that they will happen less and less. 

This short 3 week course teaches you the fundamentals of getting your dog's leash walking under control so that you can enjoy your walks again. We look at turning your dog's focus back on you, managing distractions and difficult situations, and polite meet & greets with other dogs. 

We run this course in real world spaces rather than the training field so that we can make sure that handler timing and actions are well rounded enough to continue working without a trainer standing near by.

Reliable Recall Bootcamp

Along with leash walking, recall is one of those behaviours that can go wrong as your puppy or dog gets older. Younger puppies follow the family everywhere but as they get older the rest of the world gets more and more interesting. We don't want your dog to weigh up the options of coming back when you call them, instead we want them to get excited and come back straight away when they hear the recall command. 

This is a short three week course that teaches handlers how to build up a solid recall in all situations. We practice in real world settings so that you can get the experience and confidence to solidify a reliable recall 

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Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates are a 30 minute directed play session where puppies learn to play politely with other puppies. These sessions give handlers a chance to practice their recall around a myriad of distractions, from food, to toys to all the other puppies. 

Sessions are split into size and age appropriate groups to make sure that puppies play with other puppies of similar stages of maturity. Once they have come through their core obedience work they may be invited to alumni playdate to practice their social skills with a wider variety of dogs.