New Online Classes and Courses

New Approaches for a New Status Quo

To fully comply with all HSE, WHO and Irish Government directives we are moving the bulk of our classes to online delivery. While this will be quite different from what many are used to, it will allow us to continue to deliver courses and one-to-one help for all our clients. Just because our lives have been changed for now does not mean that the problems our dogs face just get paused.

Online Single Topic Courses. We are starting single topic online courses. This is, despite the difficulties, an opportune time to help work on any issues your dog is having. We will be holding classes on recall and leash walking to begin with. These sessions will work through the topic at your dog's pace with tailored feedback throughout all exercises and guidance to improve your progress. The duration of engagement is one month at each level: foundation; intermediate; and professional.

Private and One-to-One Online Classes. Despite the current guidelines, dogs with various behavioural problems don't get to put these issues to one side or pause them because our lives have changed. Whether dealing with standard problems with a puppy or larger issues, such as barking, anxiety or reactive behaviour, we are still here to help. For puppies we have our Puppy Consults and for other adult issues we have our Working Behaviour Assessment.

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Single Topic Online Courses

We are starting up online single topic courses. These courses are set at pre-defined levels: foundation; intermediate and professional. These coures are run on a one-to-one basis and at your speed. The duration of the course is one month and we work with you with personalised feedback on all your work and exercises. This ensurse you get the best out of the time you are working on these behaviours with us.
The topics of the courses are Leash Walking and Recall. As we develop these further we will introduce other topics also.
There will be weekly exercise submissions where we look at how your practice is coming along, provide specific guidance and direction on how to best improve your work on these topics.

Remote One to One Behaviour Sessions

We are continuining our Behaviour Assessments, Puppy Consults and Private Classes in an online capacity. This will involve the use of video-based consultations to get to the bottom of the issues you are having and get started on the work required to sort out the issyes you are having. After each of the initial sessions we will develop a training plan for you and your dog that may include single topic courses or further one to one sessions to best suit you and your dog's requirements.

Your work will be tailored to your needs and interactions will be set up at a time to suit you.
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