Problem Behaviours

It's not always plain sailing so approach the problem the right way

Lend A Helping Hound

A lot of dogs have issues around other dogs. This can manifest as barking, lunging, snapping, or hiding. The best way to deal with these issues is to help change their initial gut reaction to seeing other dogs in a safe and controlled environment, gradually building their confidence to the point where we can start some closer polite greetings.

This group is made of two parts, those dogs who are there to help out and work calmly in the background and the dog who is there to learn to be ok around other dogs.
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Behaviour Assessment 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what needs to be done when your dog starts to do something inappropriate or perhaps an old bad behaviour is getting worse. In these cases we take a step back and spend the time to analyse what is going on, why it is this way, and design a plan to sort it out.

This plan may be a set of private classes, it may be joining a group class, or sometimes a combination of both. There are some situations where we do some work in the assessment and with some practice and consistency, you don't need to do any more sessions. The key is to find out what is needed and make a start. 

Assessments take place in the location of the main problems you are having so that may be your home, the local park, or your friend's house, depending on the issue.

Private Classes

Depending on the issues you are having, sometimes it is most appropriate to work one-to-one with your trainer rather than in a group setting. When you are in a private class we are there solely to work on your problems. Your training plan is completed as part of an assessment or as previously arranged with your trainer. 

For reactive or anxious dog sessions we tend to keep the sessions short to reduce stress on handler and dog. For general obedience and other general stress-free issues, we work in full hour blocks. 

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Grumpy Pups Course

Grumpy Pups is designed specifically for dogs that are reactive to other dogs. This is not suitable for dogs that shut down with fear or for dogs that are scared of people unless the handler has extensive experience with such situations. The course works on handling skills, redirection, focus, self control and most importantly, teaching your dog how to feel better about being around other dogs. If they don't feel threatened or trapped they won't react as they have been. 

Grumpy Pups Practice Sessions

Gut reactions to scary things (such as other dogs) are not technically difficult to fix but they do take a lot of time and practice to help your dog through the difficulties of their problem. This session is designed to give you and your dog the space to practice for the scary things in a safe environment that we have full control over. Each station/exercise is designed for the individual dogs attending the practice session keeping in mind those other dogs around them. 

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