Problem Behaviours

It's not always plain sailing so approach the problem the right way

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Behaviour Consult 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what needs to be done when your dog starts to do something inappropriate or perhaps an old bad behaviour is getting worse. In these cases we take a step back and spend the time to analyse what is going on, why it is this way, and design a plan to sort it out.

This plan may be a set of private classes, it may be joining a group class, or sometimes a combination of both. There are some situations where we do some work in the assessment and with some practice and consistency, you don't need to do any more sessions. The key is to find out what is needed and make a start. 

Assessments take place in the location of the main problems you are having so that may be your home, the local park, or your friend's house, depending on the issue.

Private Classes

Depending on the issues you are having, sometimes it is most appropriate to work one-to-one with your trainer rather than in a group setting. When you are in a private class we are there solely to work on your problems. Your training plan is completed as part of an assessment or as previously arranged with your trainer. 

For reactive or anxious dog sessions we tend to keep the sessions short to reduce stress on handler and dog. For general obedience and other general stress-free issues, we work in full hour blocks. 

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