Puppy Courses

Getting your puppy started on the right track

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Puppy Consultation

Sometimes no matter what you do, what books you read and approaches you take your puppy is just not doing what you expected them to be doing by now. Whether you are having issues with toilet training, play biting, or leaving your puppy alone for any length of time if your puppy isn't playing ball, its time to get some help.

Our Puppy Consultation sessions are one-to-one sessions where we come to your home and go through the problems you are having. We make sure that we understand your routines and living situation so that we can work on helping your puppy fit into your life while making changes so that your life can also suit your puppy. 

We run this 60 minute session in your home as this is the most likely place that you will have puppy problems. There is no problem too small or silly, get in touch to see if this session will suit you, your family and your new puppy.

Polite Puppy Level 1

The first few months with a new puppy are crucial in terms of socialisation and getting them out to see the real world as much as possible. Not only do you need to make sure that you have a good rapport with your puppy but it is so important to head off any potential behaviour problems now to ensure you have the best life possible togther.

Our Polite Puppy Course is a 6 week course that builds a solid foundation covering communication, behaviour and core training skills. In addition, since it is a group class, we work on socialisation, handling and recall with all the distractions of a real-world situation.

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Polite Puppy Level 2

Polite Puppy Level 2 follows on from our Level 1 course to slow things down and refine the behaviours from Level 1. We work heavily with distractions and distracting environments with the core obedience behaviours and build reliability throughout.

At this stage some puppies will be already starting their teens and in other cases we will be preparing for these changes in behaviour. In this way the course is quite flexible to deal with new issues your puppy is having or things they are finding difficult.

We introduce new training techniques along with new doggy hobbies to help build movitation and focus in your dog. Throughout the key is communication between you.