Building Independence & Reduce Needy Behaviours

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, life can get very tough if they decide to become your shadow, never leaving you alone or doing things by themselves. This can become a real problem when it escalates to separation anxiety or destructive behaviour. Working on independence and helping your dog find their own (non-destructive) hobbies will help you both enjoy your lives together to the fullest.
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Getting Used to Our Weird World

A lot of the time we expect our dogs to just fit in with our human world and all the weird things that we do without any grief. For many dogs the things we get up to sometimes are just overwhelming. 

Consider taking your dog to the groomers or to a pet photographer for the first time. One of these needs the dog to stay as still as possible for quite a while along with all the smells of lotions and potions they are not used to. The other then points a big black tunnel at them, makes cute noises and moves about a lot. All are meant to be good for your dog, but they don't know that yet.

This article helps you get your dog ready for these new events and experiences so that they can handle them in their stride and have just as much fun as you do.

Managing a Strong Dog

While there is no subsititute for solid training, there are things you can do to help manage a pulling dog so that you don't get hurt (or go crazy!). It is extremely frustrating to be constantly pulled from side to side, or just on straight the whole time. We discuss some standard tools that we use in classes. 

(Article coming soon)

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Guilty Puppies

Social media is full of videos of dogs that have shredded or played with something that they shouldn't have looking as if they know well what they did but it was just too much fun they couldn't help themselves. However, is this really the case? Do they know what they have done and are feeling ashamed or guilty or is something else going on?

The Training Power of Meal Time 

While most of us treat our dog's meal time as something that must be done x times a day with y amount of food, regular feeding is a huge lost opportunity to work with your dog. Not only is it a wonderful training tool but it can also be used to build or strengthen a bond, fix bad behaviour such as a lack of self control, barking, fear of strangers, and also fix physical issues such as gas, bloat and other tummy problems.

Here we look at the benefits of using your dog's meals for the 'greater good', that is the well being of both your dog and you!

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Halloween & Scared Dogs

Halloween is one of the toughest times of the year for many dogs. Ideally we want to start work on helping them through earlier in the year, there is always something you can do to make things a little easier when you arrive at the big day.

Read our guide to help your dog cope with the stresses of Halloween.