Scentwork Intro

In our intro courses we build in the foundations of scentwork for fun. Scentwork is a great way to build up independence and confidence in your dog, along with working their logical skills and noses. It builds teamwork and communication between dog and handler.

This course sets up that communication, teaches your dog how to use their nose, introduces odour, and sets the foundation for a polite indication. In all areas you want your dog to point out what they want rather than barging in to take what they want. This is useful in all walks of life, even at home you would rather have your dog ask politely for something stuck under the couch, or even their dinner rather than break everything to get it.

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Nervous Nosework

Our Nervous Nosework course is designed for dog-reactive dogs. In this short course we cover much of the foundations of scentwork while giving nervous dogs something to do and work successfully at while other dogs are near by. This gives them autonomy and, most importantly, success in a (managed) stressful situtation. 

Sessions are kept short to minimise stress and fatigue on handlers and dogs and each dog is enabled and encouraged to work at their own pace rather than the pace of the group. 

Competitive Scentwork

We are fully accredited by ScentworkUK to deliver competition level courses from Level 1 - 8. These courses teach your dog to find and safely indicate on specific odours with varying distractions in a variety of environments. The main environments for these tests are: Offices; Luggage and Boxes; Vehicle Search; and External work.

Many of these courses are suitable for dogs that are nervous or anxious of new things or even other dogs as it builds teamwork and communication with their handlers along with independence and confidence in themselves.

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