Basic Manners Classes

Build reliable and robust manners


Start any time for five consecutive weeks
Repeat as often as you like, work at your level


Monread Community Centre, Naas


€150 for five consecutive weeks
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This course is designed to remove the restrictions of standard static behaviour courses. We have specific topics on specific weeks but you work at your level. So each dog in the group may be working on something totally different depending on their current experience and skill level. It offers the flexibility to keep practicing and improving to build the high level or reliability and robustness in behaviours to keep your dog safe and happy.
Start any time and work for five consecutive weeks on each of the main topics: leash walking; recall; focus and attention; calm down; and polite greetings. These classes are open to dogs of all ages from 7 months of age. It is not suitable for working on behaviour problems such as barking, lunging, snapping, and so on. We have other more suitable groups for these dogs.

What You Will Cover

Polite Manners

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Focus & Attention

Without focus and attention most other training is extremely difficult. We want your dogs to learn to check in with you at all times, not just in the kitchen when you have food in your hand.

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Recall is one of those life skills that we need to be robust and reliable. It must work first time every time. This takes lots of practice!

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Calm Down

Life can be very exciting and it is difficult to chill out at times. In classes we work on being calm around lots of different stimuli along with games and exercises to learn to be calm in general.

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Leash Manners

Just like recall, this is one of those skills that dogs need to learn to get right every time regardless of the distractions. We practice around lots of distractions and situations once we get our handling right.

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Polite Greetings

Getting to meet people and dogs is one of the most exciting things in the world. The more often a dog doesn't get to say hi because they were too bouncy, the more frustrated and over excited they are next time. Learn to say hello nicely!

Current and Upcoming Classes

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You may start at any time for five consecutive sessions. Please make sure that you are available for all five weeks you sign up for as sessions are not refundable or transferrable. Sessions run on Sundays at 330pm in Monread Community Centre, Naas.

Upcoming Sessions:

Focus & Attention    Jan 12th   Feb 16th
Recall                         Jan 19th   Feb 23rd
Calm Down               Jan 26th   Mar 1st
Leash Manners        Feb 2nd    Mar 8th
Polite Greetings       Feb 9th     Mar 15th