Ten weeks long
45 minutes each week


Six weeks for Part 1 or Part 2

60 minutes each week


The Dog Shed, Kill
Monread Community Centre, Naas


€300 for full ten weeks
€165 for six week course
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Course Structure

This is a 10 week long course of 45 minutes per session. Throughout the 10 weeks we build up good communication skills, indication on odour (either passive or active), and teach your dog to understand what to look for.

Following this structure allows you to progress your training with your dog along a well defined standardised structure. We do allow nervous dogs or dogs that are mildly dog-reactive to join the course if they have started work on these issues and are making progress. Each session is designed to allow your dogs to succeed and progress at their pace with distractions.

After the 10 sessions we will offer a number of pre-trial sessions for those that wish to sit a competitive trial. Trials will be held once we have sufficient numbers of students wishing to progress.

We also have the option of two six week courses of an hour each to build up to the same standard.

Scentwork Level 1

What is involved?

For Level 1 your team (your dog and you) must recognise the location of a hidden odour in at least three of the four search areas. Each search area is run separately with breaks between to allow you and your dog to navigate all well. A key part of recognising these odours will be reading your dog's body language, understanding what they are telling you; when they are stuck or confused; or when they may be lost so that you can help them out. This is not an activity for your dog only, it is a team sport between both of you. 

Each team has 3 mintues per search area to find the target odour. The four areas are: Vehicle; Container (box and luggage); Tables and Chairs; and Exterior. 

For the full criteria on Level 1, read on here.

Current and Upcoming Courses

Book your spot

Each course is restricted to a maximum of 6-8 dogs depending on the number of assistants the lead trainer has in the course. Your spot is not guaranteed on a course without registration and a deposit.

Level 1 Part 1: Nov 3rd, 12:45pm - 1:45pm, Monread Community Centre Naas €165

Our main course will run in our training center in Kill. We will have a maximum of 8 dogs in this course.