Polite Puppy Level 1

Get your puppy off to a great start


Six weeks or Four weeks


Monread Park, your home, or remote


€180 - in person, group, park, 6 weeks
€300 - in-person, private, your home, 4 weeks
€180 - remote, private, online, 4 weeks

Course Overview

Our Polite Puppy Level 1 course is a multi week course introducing your puppy to polite behaviour. We cover a number of topics from: learning to learn; self control; being polite with dogs; being polite with people; and both avoiding and dealing with emergencies. There are some behaviours so important that we try to work on them every week, such as, loose leash walking, recall, and handling. We also deal with standard puppy problems such as play biting, separation anxiety, and toilet training. 

We have three forms of Polite Puppy Level 1 to cater to as many as possible with the current restrictions.

  • 6 week in-person group course, in the park, €180
  • 4 week in-person course, your home, €300
  • 4 week remote course, private, video call, €180

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Current and Upcoming Courses

Book your spot

Each course is restricted to a maximum of 6-8 dogs depending on the number of assistants the lead trainer has in the course. Your spot is not guaranteed on a course without registration and full course payment.

Group course - contact to be added to waiting list, due to start approx 27th June 2020

Private courses - contact for dates from Saturday 13th of June