Puppy Consultation

Get a hang on all those puppy teething problems


One session (or more as required)
1 hour


Your home/location of the main problems


€80 for 60 minute session

Course Overview

Our Puppy Consult session is designed to deal with the standard and not so standard problems of adjusting to a new puppy. There is no set syllabus to this session, rather we spend time getting to the crux of the issues you are having in your home with your puppy and work with you and your puppy to set you on a more suitable path. 

This session is suitable for puppies of any age up to 12 months. Whether you get your puppy from a breeder, friend, shelter or the pound, they all deserve to get the best start in life with their new families and the sooner we tackle any issues the better everyone's life will be.

We can cover topics such as toilet training, separation anxiety, play biting, focus, self control, fear & anxiety, barking, and many more. Get in touch to see if this session suits your puppy.

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One to One Sessions

Get in touch to arrange a session

The whole family is invited to join these sessions, or anyone that will regularly be working with your puppy. Try to keep your routine as normal as possible for the session so that we can see the problems quite easily. We will never put your dog through any unnecessary stress, if this means that we don't get a good look at the problem, don't worry, we believe you! Ideally if we can avoid the puppy repeating the bad behaviour we will teach them that there are better alternatives.