Baby Preparation

Baby Preparation

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One Big, Happy Family

Help your dog get ready for the new addition to the family

While some dogs are naturals with it, not all dogs transition well from only-child (puppy) to part of a larger family. There are a lot of new smells, sounds, and routines, not to mention that mom and dad are now very protective of that new 'puppy'. Making that step as easy as possible for your dog is simply a matter of preparation, exposing them to the kinds of things that will happen and be around once the baby arrives. In addition, it will make sure you are as ready for the event as possible, having covered all angles and possibilities early on.

The class introduces some basic interaction skills for those that haven't done training before and walks you through all of the main triggers that can upset a dog when a new baby joins the family making sure you have all the techniques and tricks to deal with any problems should they arise.

In-Depth Analysis

We spend the first little while getting to know you and your dog, the sorts of habits you currently have and those you will likely be transitioning to. Once we are all on the same page we work on the most important aspects for you.

Tailored Programme

Every dog reacts differently to new situations so we make sure that the programme given to you to continue are relevant to you and your dog. While the techniques are similar to all, how you use them will be very specific to your situation.


As you get closer to the arrival date you will likely think of other situations and issues that hadn't occurred to you yet. Please get in touch by email or phone and we will be happy to talk you through them using the techniques you have already learned.