Reactive Dog

Reactive Dog

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Fully insured classes.
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Calm Down and Relax

Help you dog through whatever is worrying him

Most reactivity stems from fear and anxiety rather than from aggression or a desire to hurt anyone. Like that, reactivity can take many forms, it can seem scary, such as barking, growling and lunging or it can be sad, where the dog hides, avoids and cowers. Reactivity really just implies that the dog reacts very easily to things around them, however the most common form is barking and lunging. The reason for this is that it works. If a dog barks and lunges at something, chances are it won't do it again, or at least it will give them more room.

This private class works on finding your dog's triggers and helping them to start to come to terms with them and feel more at ease around them. Working with a reactive dog is not a quick process, it takes time and dedication from the whole family but it is very achievable.

In-Depth Analysis

We spend some time assessing what the dog's triggers rather than launching into pre-set content. It is important to deal with the problem at hand not merely the  symptoms.

Tailored Programme

While we use standard techniques to help your dog calm down and become more at ease with the world around him, how these techniques are used is fully tailored to the situation.


You will be given work to do for once the trainer leaves and there is full email and phone support for times when it seems like you aren't making progress or a new problem has cropped up.