External Accreditations

Make sure your trainer is up to scratch

Unfortunately there are no regulations in Ireland regarding who can call themselves a dog trainer or even a dog behaviourist. There are still an awful lot of people calling themselves trainers or behaviourists with little to no formal education in the discipline. While it may seem like a small thing, many of these trainers can do a lot of harm if they misinterpret methods and training approaches incorrectly. A large percentage of the work we do is to correct for the work done by unaccredited trainers.

Due to the lack of regulation it is important to have external, trusted bodies to provide standardised, formal, and continued accreditation of professionals in the field. These bodies not only perform the initial accreditation but carry out continual assessment of the skills and abilities of their members.
I am accredited with IMDT and APDT Ireland as a dog trainer and by Scentwork UK as a scentwork trainer. I am also currently working on a behaviourist accreditation with IMDT.
Below are some of the more relevant courses, seminars and webinars that I have attended in my continual learning.

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