Remote Training

Work Smarter

Whether to work around Covid-19 restrictions or to reduce distraction or stress for your dog, remote classes play an integral part in successful dog training.


For new and older pups

We all want the best for our pups, particularly with a new puppy, we want to make sure that we get things right from day one. Whether you are a new dog owner or have had dogs their whole lives, there is always more that we can learn and apply to every day learning. Even the best trainers are always building their skills to best work with their furry friends. 
We have courses and classes to suit all needs.  Remote sessions are carried out either one to one or as a group via video conferencing using Zoom or similar tools.
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Puppy Consult

The Puppy Consult is a private session, just your family and the trainer focusing on your problem. This is a standalone, one hour long session. In this session we focus purely on puppy problems such as nipping and biting, toileting, separation, and barking. We do not get started on basic obedience in this class.

This class costs €55 for the one hour session. Get in touch for available days and times.