Group Courses

Build up your dog's focus

Group classes are a great way to work on your dog's focus around distractions and build up polite interactions.

Group In-Person Courses

Build the foundations around real world distractions

We maintain a strict upper limit on the number of dogs in our group classes to ensure that you and your dog get the attention you need to work with them successfully. All of our trainers are fully accredited with APTD, IMDT or both.

To book a course you will need to register your details with us, pay the fee and submit a copy of your dog's vaccination record showing all vaccinations up to date, including kennel cough. Please note this must be done no later than one week before the course starts to book your spot.

Book your course

If you are unsure which suits best, please contact us at

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Puppy Primer

Our Puppy Primer course is a 3 week starter course for puppies so that we can lay the foundations of polite interactions and deal with any puppy problems you are having.

This course builds a reliable response to name, teaches handling and grooming basics, emphasizes calm responses from puppies, and introduces polite social skills.

This is all a requirement for all new puppies before moving to our Polite Puppy Foundations to build a reliable relationship between you and your dog.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated, including with kennel cough to join the group. This group is open to puppies up to 16 weeks of age on the 1st week of class.

Start date - Sunday 9th June 12:15pm - 1:pm, Prosperous, Kildare
Course dates: Week 1: 09/06, Week 2: 16/06, Week 3: 23/06

Cost €80

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Calm Down Coffee Shop

This is a simulated coffee shop set up, starting with quite a large space between tables/dogs we teach them how to sit and chill comfortably while their handlers are otherwise engaged with chatting or enjoying a coffee. The first two weeks do not have any coffee but we build up to that over the weeks.

This course promotes impulse control and general chill out behaviours that can be generalised to lots of other settings such as at home over dinner time. 

These classes are not suitable for dogs who are dog- or people-reactive, that is they bark and lunge towards people or dogs. If you are having these difficulties please get in touch as we have other options to better help.

6 weeks, 30 minutes each week, Sundays 5:30pm - 6pm, Prosperous Parish Hall

Cost €105

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Polite Puppy Foundations 

Our Polite Puppy Foundations group is designed to introduce the basics of polite interactions and general manners to your pup. This six week long course reinforces the calm down and chill work you did in Puppy Primer and builds on it. This group is for puppies under 10 months of age.

We focus on continuing to build that solid rapport between you and your dog and work on polite leash walking, recall, self control and polite greetings.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated, including with kennel cough to join the group.

Start date - Sat 25th May 10:15am - 11:15am, Monread Park Naas
Course running on: Week 1: 25/05, Week 2: 08/06, Week 3: 15/06, Week 4: 22/06, Week 5: 29/06, Week 6: 06/07

Start date - Sat 26th May 10:00am - 11:00am, Training field Prosperous
Course running on: Week 1: 26/05, Week 2: 09/06, Week 3: 16/06, Week 4: 23/06, Week 5: 30/06, Week 6: 07/07

Cost €210 

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Scentwork Foundations

Our Level 1 Course for Trials is open to both  dogs who are brand new to scentwork and for dogs who have done courses in this area before. We are building up to a level where your dog can, if you so choose, compete in a Scentwork UK Level 1 trial. We will hold a mock trial at the end of the course and look to set up a trial for those who wish after that.
This sets your dog up to recognise odour, indicate on a find and perform larger searches so that we can then introduce them to the different search environments in the follow on classes. 

We are fully accredited by ScentworkUK and follow the main competition programme. There is no requirement to take part in any competitions in this course.

Start date - Sun 3rd March, 10:30am, Garvogue, Prosperous
 6 week course

Cost €240

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Polite Puppy Intermediate

The Polite Puppy Intermediate group is our follow on, level 2 course, from Polite Puppy Foundations. You must have completed Foundations or Adult Obedience L1 to join this group. 
In this course we build on the foundations we created in the first course and start to add more difficulty and real world distractions. So we will be working on recall past food, dogs and other obstacles, walking nicely past similar distractions and sitting quietly while handlers stop for a chat or a coffee.

To join the group your pup must be able to walk politely beside you for 10m in a non-distracting setting, and recall from the same distance also without distractions.

Start date - Sat 9th Mar, 10:15am - 11:15pm, Monread Park, Naas

Week 1: 09/03, Week 2: 23/03, Week 3: 06/04, Week 4: 13/04, Week 5: 20/04, Week 6: 27/04

Cost €210 

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Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates are off-leash, directed socialisation sessions for puppies and handlers to learn how best to interact with other off leash dogs. We go through polite play and how to intervene if necessary. A key component of the sessions are knowing when to intervene, along with listening to your puppy if they don't want to play with a particular other dog.

Playdates are open to puppies up to 8 months of age who have completed our Puppy Primer or Polite Puppy Foundations groups before. Please note that these sessions are not suitable for sorting out behaviour issues such as extreme nervousness, barking, lunging or snapping towards other dogs, we have other options for these issues.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated, including with kennel cough to join the group. This group is open to puppies up to 6 months of age.


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Calm Canine - Adult & Teen Obedience

In our Adult Obedience course we introduce adult dogs (or any dog over 11 months of age) to the foundations of polite walking, reliable recall and general self control which includes dogs who jump up or pull to get over to see something.

Please note that this group is not suitable for dogs that bark, lunge or snap at other dogs or people on walks. We have a more suitable option for these cases, please get in touch with the office for further information.

Start date - Sat 29th June, 12:45pm - 1:45pm, Monread Park, Naas

Week 1: 29/06, Week 2: 06/07, Week 3: 13/07, Week 4: 20/07, Week 5: 27/07, Week 6: 10/08

Cost €210