New Class Options Coming Soon

We are rebuilding our classes/courses to fit best with the new round of restrictions

Edit: Jan 1st 2021
The current guidelines from the Irish Government are that we may not go ahead with in-person courses or classes during the current Level 5 lockdown. This means that we have two options for all courses and classes:

  1. We will be offering most of our usual courses/classes via video sessions

  2. We can add you to the waiting list for in-person sessions once they get back up and running

New Puppies:

While we all prefer to run classes in person, especially with new puppies, this is not an option at the moment for legal, insurance, and most importantly, safety reasons. This does not mean that you should wait with getting started with your new pup. It is very important to get some foundation work done ASAP.  In the coming days we will post some getting started resources for new puppy owners to make sure you do not miss any vital landmarks. If you have questions or queries, please get in touch via email or phone.

We will have a number of options but to get started we need to consider the following:

  1. Early and in-depth socialisation (get your puppy out to meet the world, as far as is safe, we have until approximately 16 weeks of age before the socialisation window closes and makes our lives much harder)

  2. Get on top of the standard problems quickly (toileting, separation, barking, biting/nipping), we have our Remote Puppy Consult or Puppy Primer for these issues

  3. Be consistent, choose the words you will to communicate with your pup and use them consistently

  4. Stay positive, reward everything you like, even just with praise. Punishment and reprimands will not work as reliably or efficiently.

  5. Have fun, be sure to build a good rapport with your puppy from day 1. Remember, they are young and the only way they can learn about the world is through you, they won't do things wrong to annoy you, they will only do them wrong because that works for them. Teach them how to get it right in the first place!

If you decide to look for other trainers that are working in-person during lockdown, please be sure of the following:

  1. The trainer is fully accredited with an external accreditation body: APDT or IMDT for example

  2. The trainer is fully insured to operate during Level 5 of a pandemic (get a letter from the insurance company)

  3. The trainer has received full approval from local authorities to operate during Level 5 of a pandemic (letter from local TD for example)